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Sometime sequences of images is a good substitute for 1000 words or more...



We don´t know how to Shine in the Light?? A Laic person knows also how to give and receive love and heart. To have a Shining aureole in your head you only need to be a Saint, by giving and receiving love and heart. But what makes you Shine more Light in your aura is the love that you have in your heart. The Light doesn´t suffer if it do it to the Light. And to other people?? you only need to Shine in the Light.


The LIGHT will not suffer if it do it to the LIGHT - giving Love or Heart



I pray the Holy Rosary From Mother Mary. What we want is before the world wars not after the world wars. What we want is before the world wars, what we want is GOD.


IN A WORLD DUAL... I PRAY... AND GOD SAYS TO ACT IN GOD. God rewards action. Like a Lightworker.

  ,there is God or Ascended Masters and Divine Creator and Prime Creator and the Eternal One. ZaZuMa (heartfelt gratitude). 

 for the earthlings - Gaia.